Life: The light within…..

Being the first post … i really thought ┬álot about what it should be … should it be one of my many travels … or a food related story (and i have so many in my repertoire). What resonates with me deeply and presents me into the world out there with a thought, a thought that will find some space in your minds?

It was Monday the 14th, the eve of India’s 70th independence and also Janamashtami or the birth or Lord Krishna or Krishna Bhagwan. Whenever there is any religious festival in India , where people perform rituals and ceremonies and offer prayers in languages both they understand and don’t , it always gets me thinking on how something so serene can be used worldwide to cause so much confusion, angst and unrest.

I often think what would happen if Jesus, Krishna or Allah and all the other various deities and “Gods” people worship around the world had never been born. let alone gods but what if the Devil , Shaitan or Haiwaan also had never been born. How then would we have found a way to pray or to blame the devil and his intent on making everyone perform misdeed. Would there be others born in their place then finding a way into our world of worship and abhor?

I could go on and on with every thought my mind has had on this topic for a good part of my 40 years in existence. But it is the first post so let me just share the thought that helps me understand, accept and find peace without spoiling the equilibrium or annoying any particular God or more specifically one of his more ardent followers.

All gods are one. As in the same person. Yup as same as me writing this post from my balcony in Gurgaon or me going to Bombay and writing it. Same person millions of names and many many masks giving him a new passport for entry into each country and sometimes regions and subregions. Lets go even more micro … God’s the same person with many different passports to enter each persons mind? The same goes for his nemesis The Devil. Devil also is the same exact person having many many passports to enter into any country or a quorum of similar thinking persons or even into each persons mind. I do realise i referred to God as a he in the last sentence but thats more out of habit and comfort of thought than fact. Infact with their individualised passports they already have entered each geaographically divided regions where sitings have been reported enter Allah, Jesus, Ram, Krishna etc etc but with their passport individualised to each person ever born they already entered you .. a long time back… at your birth.

Hence the conclusion that there is a God or a version of God and a version of devil inside each of us. All our concepts of religion and understanding of God and Devil can be now understood better. All good deeds we do are hence godly and all misdeeds or ill thoughts are a devils work. Time spent in creation or active learning or working is Godly … and time wasted is Devils play on an idle mind. We pray out of the habit of instructon from childhood but in reality we’re just planting a positive notion within telling ourselves to be the very best versions of us that we can be ..hence the success in forming a conscience. We light candles and diya’s as part of various cultures while offering prayer but what if it were symbolic not to appease god or show respect to god but to illuminate the darkness inside us? In some cultures we fast, to show God that we are capable of giving up (tyag) or coming to a test but what if we were truly fasting to be able to focus better beyond body’s need to answer to the call of hunger ? To perhaps just speak less and listen more? To perhaps just understand the value of gratification ?

I leave you hopefully with the thought that just like a beauty which is skin deep, the thought of God is deeper than religion , or the many places of worship or the many customs on how to worship… The better you understand yourself, the more we make it about us doing better than we did yesterday and not in completion to us against how John or Shyam or Rahim did yesterday , The better we are able to find victory or resolve over our negative or ill thoughts ….thats the closest we’ll ever come to explaining the concept of God and Devil to us or anyone. As for all the religious practices and customs … they continue to be a great way to get a lot of people together, make a lot of time for families to come together and give you a reason apart from yourself to celebrate. The fact though that you open your eyes every morning and don’t remain in a state of sleep is you celebrating life and yourself each day.